Highlander Airtrack Drill Rig

The Highlander Airtrack Drill Rig has taken over twelve years to develop and we believe that it is the best product on the market.  

It is built to the highest of Australian standards and offers the consumer great reliability.  The Highlander Airtrack Drill Rig was built primarily for secondary support, however it is currently being used in some areas for primary support as well.  The Highlander Airtrack Drill Rig can also be used in other applications such as, installation of rib bolts, drilling the floor, coring and in-seam drilling. With its narrow width of 1.3m (series 4) or 1.5m (series 3) the Highlander is able to fit alongside belts and roadway, making it possible for transport machinery to pass while the rig is in operation.

Highlander Airtrack Drill Rig Specifications:-

  • JOY HFX Feed Frame & JOY TSRU Drill Motor
  • Minimum of 40psi to maintain operation and 60psi maximum for peak operation
  • 1.3m (series 4) or 1.5m (series 3) wide
  • 110mm Head Plate
  • Compliance with MDG 15, MDG 41 & MDG 35.1 Audits
  • Robust Design which is Simple to Operate & Maintain