QDS Bolter (Boar)

The QDS Bolter (BOAR) is designed for secondary support capable of bolting the roof, ribs and faces when connected to an LHD.

The BOAR has been manufactured to attach to an LHD fitted with a quick detach system. The QDS Bolter design includes numerous safety features specifically designed to eliminate or decrease hazards and risks to operators.

QDS Bolter Specifications:- 

  • JOY HFX or Sandvik Feed Frame & JOY TSRU or Sandvik Drill Motor
  • Hydraulic Control, Rexroth or Sandvik Valve Bank
  • Dimensions – Length 3092mm, Width 2500mm, Collapsed Height 1779mm & Extended Height (with stab jacks down) 4264mm
  • Floor Stabilising Jacks
  • Roof Mesh Jacks
  • Removable Non Slip Flooring
  • Emergency Egress Ladder
  • Onboard Storage for Bolts, Plates, Chemicals, Drill Steels and Dollies
  • Gap Analysis & MDG 35.1 Audit
  • Self Closing Gate
  • Safety Hand Rails