Caterpillar FBR-15 Ramcar

Machine Summary

The FBR-15 is a 15m3 capacity coal / stone hauler. The motive force is provided by a 172kw Caterpillar 3126 six cylinder turbocharged 4 stroke inline 6 cylinder diesel engine. The start system is pneumatic and the safety system is an intrinsically safe electronic monitoring system. The engine power output is connected to the 4 speed bi-directional power shift transmission via a drive coupling on the rear of the engine, the power is then transmitted to heavy duty axles. The rear axle drives the rear wheels via 90° bevel gear boxes to the rear planetary hub complete with liquid cooled posi stop brakes.

Caterpillar FBR-15 Ramcar Specifications:

  • 15m3 Capacity
  • Unladen Weight – 25,000kg
  • Overall Height – 2,006mm (adjustable)
  • Overall Width – 3,330mm
  • Overall Length – 10,975mm
  • Cat 3126 Engine with Turbo, 172KW
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Methane Monitor System
  • ROPs/FOPs
  • Adjustable Canopy Protective Device MDG1 & MDG17