TDT 1200 Razor Flinger Duster

The TDT 1200 Razer Flinger Duster is the safest and most efficient machine for underground roadway dusting.

The machine consists of a hopper that delivers stone dust via an Auger to the dual flinger motors. These Flingers centrifugally cast the stone dust towards the roof and ribs of the section being dusted.

TDT 1200 Razer Flinger Duster Specifications: 

  • Designed for development panel stone dusting
  • Dimensions – Length 1450mm, Width 2350mm & Height 1347mm
  • 1.2 tonne capacity
  • Self contained flingers
  • No compaction issues over long transport roadways
  • Single pass stone dusting in all roadway sizes
  • Dusting rates of 100 metres per minute at 5km/hr
  • One man dusting operation