TDT 4000 Razer Flinger Duster

The TDT 4000 Razer Flinger Duster is the safest and most efficient machine for underground roadway dusting.

The machine consists of a hopper that delivers stone dust via an Ejector Blade & Auger to the dual flinger motors. These Flingers centrifugally cast the stone dust towards the roof and ribs of the section being dusted.

TDT 4000 Razer Flinger Duster Specifications: 

  • Designed for main roadway stone dusting and also panel dusting in high production mines
  • Dimensions – Length 1954mm, Width 2460mm & Height 1660mm
  • 6 tonne capacity
  • Self contained flingers
  • No compaction issues over long transport roadways
  • Single pass stone dusting in all roadway sizes
  • Dusting rates of 100 metres per minute at 5km/hr
  • One man dusting operation