QDS 7T & 10T Forks

The QDS Forks are designed for the safe and efficient method of loading and unloading of supplies underground or on the surface either palletised, bulk or loose. 

QDS 7T & 10T Forks (Hydraulic or Manual) Specifications:

  • Dimensions 7T Forks – Length 1600mm, Width 1995mm & Height 1235mm
  • 7T Forks Tare Weight – 1,600 kg, Gross Weight 8,600 kg
  • Dimensions 10T Forks – Length 1637mm, Width 2050mm & Height 1375mm
  • 10T Forks Tare Weight – 1,650 kg, Gross Weight 11,650 kg
  • SWL 7,000 kg (7T) or 10,000 kg (10T)
  • Hydraulic or Manual operation