Sandvik TS490 Loader (ED40)

Machine Summary

The Sandvik TS490 is an underground shield hauler, and with a carrying capacity of 40 tonnes, it’s one of the largest machines in the heavy lifting bracket. It is an extremely robust longwall recovery mining hauler, capable of hauling larger longwall equipment.

 Sandvik TS490 Loader (ED40) Specifications: 

  • 40 Tonne Lift Capacity
  • Cat 3126DITA Engine with Turbo Saviour 171.5Kw
  • Overall Height – 2,000mm
  • Overall Width – 3,290mm
  • Overall Length – 10,120mm
  • Winch Pull 327kN
  • Air Adjust Seat
  • Wheel Chains
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Methane Monitor System
  • ROPs/FOPs