Sandvik LS190 Loader

The most flexible machine in the higher power bracket with a lifting capacity of 10 tonne. Engineered with a pressure compensated hydraulic system with a “flow on demand concept” to ensure maximum efficiency while conserving power. The LS190 underground loader can be used in conjunction with hydraulic assist roof support trailers for relocating the larger longwall equipment in use today. With a wide range of attachments this machine which is more productive, more efficient and more user friendly than any other similar machine in the Australian market.

Sandvik LS190 Loader Specifications: 

  • 10 Tonne Lift Capacity
  • Cat 3126DITA Engine with Turbo Saviour, 172KW
  • 10 Tonne machine Dimension with Bucket – Length 8907mm, Width 2680mm & Height 2200
  • Maximum Tractive Effort 19.5T
  • Air Adjust Seat
  • Light Switching
  • QDS Bucket 3.0 cm Capacity & Spare Tyre
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Methane Monitor System
  • Strangler Valve
  • ROPs/FOPs