Pipe Trailer

The pipe installation trailer is designed to install 6.5m long of 6 inch or 4 inch victaulic pipes in an underground mining operation.

The pipe trailer has two hydraulically operated cradle arms that position the pipe inline with the existing pipe range during pipe extensions.

The pipe bundle is raised by two hydraulic operated winches that extend and retract the lifting chain. A pipe is picked up using the two hydraulically operated cradle arms, which fit under the nearest pipe in the bundle. In addition both platforms have the capability to raise and lower to allow the operator to secure the pipe to the pipe range.

This pipe trailer has a dual control station allowing operators from either ends to operate the pipe trailer. All functions are hydraulically driven and additionally each control station has an emergency stop to apply the park brake to the LHD. A heavy duty chassis has been utilised in the pipe trailer to withstand the operating conditions of an underground mine.

Pipe Trailer is also fitted with brakes to utilise the LHD brake circuit. The pipe trailer can be connected to the LHD from either end where the tow eye and the quick couplings (oil and air) are located on both ends of the pipe trailer. The pipe trailer connects to a LHD via the QDS Tow Hitch attachment, which latches onto the tow eye.

Pipe Trailer Specifications:-

  • Primary designed to carry 52 x 6.5 of 6″ victaulic pipes
  • Designated areas for storing consumable items such as pipe clamps, tees, valves, chains & shackles
  • QDS 20 tonne adjustable Tow Hitch (parrot’s beak)
  • Hydraulic lifting platforms
  • Equipped with braked axels
  • Wheel chocks and adjustable stabilising legs fitted
  • Dual end controls with individual platform lift controls
  • Dimensions – Length 9195mm, Width 2450mm & Height 2203mm (lowered) 2377mm (raised)
  • Height of Platform floor above ground level – 842mm (lowered) 1327mm (raised)
  • Operating roof height – 3600mm high 3385mm horizontal span