Rear Dump Ballast Trailer

The ballast trailer is used for transportation of stone ballast for road construction and repairs in underground coal mines.

Depending on the facilities at the colliery, the trailer may be loaded on the surface with a front end loader, or from an overhead ballast chute, either underground or on the surface. The trailer dumps the ballast in a local area which is then spread by graders or other vehicles. This is performed through a rear gate with a manual latch and a dumping push panel which is hydraulically operated, using the power take-off from the LHD vehicle. A dedicated QDS plate with a Towing Link is attached to the trailer, enabling quick connection to any suitable LHD vehicle. The trailer has brakes that enable a high haulage capacity. They normally only release when the brake lines of the towing vehicle are coupled. The trailer has heavy duty solid wheels which are fitted with hydraulic multi-disc enclosed brakes giving a rated speed of nominally 10 km/hr fully laden.

Rear Dump Ballast Trailer Specifications:

  • Maximum Width of Trailer 3400mm
  • Maximum Height of Trailer 1736mm (when level)
  • Maximum Length of Trailer 6960mm (tow hitch centre to tail)
  • Empty mass of Trailer 8.60 tonne
  • Maximum Capacity (SWL) 10m3 ballast @ 1.3t/m3 = 13T
  • Trailer Gross Weight 22.40 tonne (excludes QDS tow hitch)
  • Trailer is Design Registered to Transport Braking System